reasons to visit Panama CanalA view of the famous Panama Canal

As you make your plans to take a vacation from the United States, or anywhere else, make sure you don’t overlook this gem of Latin America. If it isn’t on your list of places to go, we’ll give you ten reasons to visit Panama that will make you change your mind.

1. Climate

First and foremost, Panama is tropical and warm. You won’t need to pack heavy, and you’ll be able to enjoy the weather throughout your vacation. There’s nothing better than the tropical climate.

2. Size

Panama borders both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, with plenty to do in between. When in Panama, you can rent a car and drive from one end of the country to the other in about two hours. And yet, there’s so much to do in that small area that you’ll never be bored. One of the best reasons to visit Panama is the ability to travel quickly between places.

3. Outdoor sports

Scuba diving, whitewater rafting, zip lining, surfing hiking, snorkeling…There’s no end to the outdoor sports available to you in Panama. Some hikes even go to the top of dormant volcanoes!

Zip lining one of the reasons to visit PanamaZip lining through the forest

4. Cost

Americans especially enjoy a two-for-one opportunity with this one of our reasons to visit Panama. First, Panama uses the American dollar, so there’s no need to exchange money. And second, even while using the dollar, Panama is an incredibly affordable place to visit. You can pay less than $50 a night for a budget-but-still-lovely hotel.

5. Coffee

Panamanian coffee is famous throughout the world, so if you’re used to that Starbucks drip coffee, prepare to have your taste buds blown.

Panamanian coffeeYou just can’t beat Panamanian coffee

6. Food

Panama is known to be a multicultural place, and there’s no better way to experience this first hand than by tasting its food. An expert tip: Rumor has it that Panamanian ceviche is just as good as Peruvian.

7. The Canal

The Panama Canal is one of the greatest feats of engineering in the world, but even if you aren’t an engineering enthusiast, the Canal is still worth a visit. Stand on the viewing platform and watch the ships continue their journey to and from the ocean; you won’t be disappointed.

Panama CanalA few from afar of the Panama Canal

8. Multiculturalism

Panama is quite the melting pot. Would you believe that in such a small country, there are seven different indigenous groups that have preserved their language to this day? Beyond that, the people of Panama are a mixture of Europeans, Africans, mulattoes and mestizos. Panama is indeed a crossroads of culture, and they all welcome tourists with open arms.

9. Ease of access

Panama also happens to be an airline hub, the largest in the Americas. 60 direct flights run from Panama to other parts of the continent, and airlines from around the world fly to and through the Panama airport. If you were worried about accessibility, have no fear.

10. Nature

If you didn’t get the hint from the previous reasons to visit Panama, the country is beautiful! Forests and beaches and mountains and more, all of this is waiting for you to explore and enjoy in Panama.

Bird flying over oceanPanama’s natural beauty astounds

We hope these reasons to visit Panama changed your mind about visiting this fantastic country, and as soon as you book your trip, we’d love to know about it.

Do you have any advice for tourists in Panama? What are you most excited to do on your trip?

Photos courtesy of Rictor Norton & David AllenstevendepoloJoe’s Famous CoffeeViaggi