View of BarcelonaBeautiful Barcelona during the day..but what about the nighttime?

Barcelona has some of the best food and sightseeing in the entire world, but what do you do once all the tourist attractions are closed and your belly is full of your delicious meal? Why, go out of course! Here’s a breakdown of the top bars in Barcelona, in no particular order, to help you jump right into your late-night escapades.

1. The 7 Sins Lounge

Muntaner 7, Barcelona

Walk into the 7 Sins, and you’ll be greeted by an entirely red interior accented by cool art deco 1920s style. Venture upstairs to order one of their famous cocktails and relax in the lounge area. If you have too much energy to sit and chat, downstairs you’ll find the dance floor and the night’s featured local DJ. One of the top bars in Barcelona, 7 Sins is a great place to start the night, end the night or visit any time in between. And don’t worry about dancing up an appetite: they have a kitchen that serves international dishes all night long.

2. Bestial

Calle Ramon Trias Fargas 2-4 Old City, Barcelona

For all you fashionistas and socialites, this is the place to be after hours. Media types and style icons all make their way to this minimalist bar, where they fill the huge, multi-level space and waterfront terrace. If you’re hungry, try their Italian-Catalan dishes. If not, grab a drink and take in the ultra-hip-but-still-upbeat crowd while enjoying this funky addition to the top bars in Barcelona.

3. Blue Lounge

Carrer de Sagues 37, Barcelona

For those of you looking for a more down to earth bar to relax in for the night, look no further than the Blue Lounge. This bar hosts a crowd of neighborhood regulars and relaxed low-key types with their poofy couches and strong drinks. Try their brandy sangria and spend the night chatting with a newfound lady friend or getting down on the dance floor.

4. Bar Lobo

Calle Pintor Fortuny, 3, Barcelona

Inside of Bar LoboCool decorations inside Bar Lobo

This bar seamlessly makes the transition between a daytime hangout and a nighttime hot spot. During daylight hours, stop into Bar Lobo to snack on some Japanese food (it’s daytime name is El Japones) and take in the temporary art exhibit always featured upstairs. When night falls, Bar Lobo transforms into a one of the best bars in Barcelona, with local DJs playing late into the night and trendy guests sipping even trendier drinks. The bar even offers a patio area to beat the heat of the dance floor.

5. Boadas

Tallers 1, Barcelona

No list of the best bars in Barcelona would be complete without the inclusion of Boadas, the oldest bar in the city. Decorated in art deco style from its opening in 1933, the bar is nothing less than a beauty to behold. Although it sounds like a tourist trap, Boadas actually attracts a more artsy group of regulars than a crowd of one-time hitters. According to the experts, Boadas serves a mean daiquiri alongside its collection of liquors and English gins. So grab a drink and take a walk around the bar, where art will grab at you from every direction.

6. Dostrece

Calle Carme 40, Barcelona

This one’s for all you music fans out there. If you’re into blues, jazz, flamenco, folk and any other off-the-beaten-path musical style, look no further than Dostrece bar. The surprisingly large space has plenty of room for big tables, comfy chairs and lots of patrons sipping their Brazilian-inspired cocktails. Before you take over their dance floor (complete with disco ball!), try their Mexican-style tapas and have at least a few caipirinhas and caiproskas at this deserving member of the list of tops bars in Barcelona.

7. Carpe Diem

Gregoria Maranon, 17, Barcelona

If you’re looking for a hot club, some of the best can be found in Barcelona. This particular one is housed under two desert tents set up on a huge lawn. The club is huge, but remember it gets quite crowded on Fridays and Saturdays with late-night partiers ready to dance the night away. Carpe Diem is known for its post-bar nightlife, so get ready to stay out ‘till the sun comes up. Seize the night, and the day, at this last addition to our best bars in Barcelona.

One of the best bars in BarcelonaDance the night away at this hot Barcelona club

8. Andu

Calle Correo Viejo, 3, Barcelona

Andu is a great example of the quintessential Catalonian bar. The design is simple and inviting, the room is long and narrow and it’s filled almost exclusively with locals. The bar has no dance floor or funky music, so bring your friends here for a chat and a round before your big night out. Also, sample the home-cooked food served along with the super-strong drinks; you won’t be disappointed.

9. Aurora

Calle Aurora 7 The Raval, Barcelona

Everyone agrees that you’re guaranteed a great night at Aurora, one of the best bars in Barcelona if you’re looking for a high energy and fun-loving good time. The bar caters to an eclectic crowd from all the trendiest circles of society, who flock in large numbers to listen to the DJ sets of hip-hop and reggae. Happy hour usually lasts until 11, so get your mojito or piña coladas and hit the dance floor! If you’re feeling extra adventurous, order a flaming absinthe. Don’t worry about looking hot or acting snobby, since Aurora is all about the fun times rather than the high fashion.

10. Boutique Bar at the Ohla Hotel

Via Laietana, 49, Barcelona

What used to be a department store is now home to a Michelin-starred restaurant and super-swanky bar, complete with a rooftop pool. The Boutique Bar is one of the more exclusive top bars in Barcelona, so put on your most stylish shoes and get ready to feast on the food and down the drinks that will make your head spin.

Nighttime in BarcelonaBarcelona’s night life is full of possibilities

Barcelona is filled with all kinds of bars, from laid-back and earthy to ultra trendy and glittery. We’ve named a few of our top bars in Barcelona, but there are so many more to choose from.

Where are your favorite late-night spots in Barcelona? Do you like bars or clubs? Chatting or dancing? Or maybe a mix of all of them?


Photos courtesy of: Bert KaufmannSilverman68,Oh-Barcelona.compasotraspaso