Spice up your travels through Europe in some of these amazing hotels. But be careful, some of them are so strange, they may distract you from your much-needed beauty sleep! Love them or hate them, these are the 10 strangest hotels in Europe.

Glass igloo hotel, one of the strangest hotels in EuropeWatch the Northern Lights from the warmth of your glass igloo

1. Hotel Kakslauttanen & Igloo Village in Finland

Who knew that staying in an igloo could be so stylish? The Hotel Kakslauttanen is known for its glass and snow igloos, open to guests throughout the winter, and the World’s Largest Snow Restaurant. Additionally, from late August to late April, guests can stay inside their cozy glass igloos while they look at the Northern Lights through the glass ceilings,

2. Harbour Crane Hotel in the Netherlands

Imagine staying in a suite all to yourself situated above the picturesque Harlingten Harbor. From way up high in your own private crane, you can look out over the city and the harbor from either your main room or your rooftop patio. If you tire of the view, just hop on down to the control room and rotate in whatever direction you choose. When you’re traveling as a couple, the Harbour Crane Hotel is a wild and romantic option, as long as you aren’t afraid of heights!

3. Utter Inn in Sweden

The Utter Inn, or “Otter Inn” in English, doubles as a hotel and art project by Mikael Genberg. For those travelers who have a burning desire to spend their vacation in a room underwater, look up the Utter Inn. When you arrive, you’ll be taken by boat to a small red house floating in the middle of a lake. Once you arrive, you’ll be left alone to enjoy your underwater suite with a 360-degree view of the lake below. As long as you don’t find it unsettling to be watched by packs of fish while you sleep, you’ll be sure to enjoy this quiet and isolated lake vacation.

4. La Balade des Gnomes in Belgium

This is without a doubt one of the wackiest and strangest hotels in Europe. La Balade decorates all of its rooms according to fairy tale, and the grand suite is a giant model of the Trojan Horse. Every bedroom is decorated magnificently, with every room its own work of art. Rumor has it, the third floor hosts a sailboat in its own pool.

Guard at prison hotelThe guards are serious at the prison hotel in Latvia

5. Karostas Cietums in Latvia

Hopefully, the Karostas Cietums Hotel is the closest you ever come to be clapped in irons and sent off to jail. The building used to be a military prison during the Tsarist age, and today it’s been preserved to look and feel exactly the same. Guests are housed in the former cells, which are by no means luxurious. Think of this strange hotel as a sleep-in prison museum, complete with guard checks and lock-ins. 

6. Jumbo Stay in Sweden

Sleeping in an airplane has never been so comfortable! This is one of the strangest but most affordable hostels in Europe, where each guest gets his or her own bed inside of this 1976 jumbo jet. You can choose between private and dormitory-style rooms, or if you’re willing to splurge, you can sleep in the Jumbo Stay luxury suite located in the cockpit.

7. Das Park in Austria and Germany

If high-rise isn’t your style, perhaps Das Park will give you the laid back vacation you need. And what could be more laid back than spending the night in giant concrete sewage pipes? It’s not one of our strangest hotels in Europe for nothing, but trust us when we say that Das Park is much cuter than it sounds (and less smelly). Each sewage pipe has been fitted with a luxury mattress double bed with walls painted by the Austrian artist Thomas Latzel Ochoa. Cozy and away from the bustle of the city, this may just be the getaway you’re looking for.

8. Baumhaus Hotel in Germany

Whether you’re travelling with kids or would like to unleash your own inner child, Baumhaus Hotel in Eastern Germany offers quirk and fun for you or for your family. To call Baumhaus a hotel may be a bit of a stretch, since it’s actually made up of eight tree houses situated thirty feet above the ground. Each house is two stories, with brightly colored walls, windows cut at an off angle, and oddly shaped beds. Additionally, every tree house has its own theme that relates to a regional fairy and troll myth, which you’ll learn all about from your instruction manual!

9. Museumotel in France

When you book your room at the Museumotel, you book a bubble with your choice of decoation. Perhaps you’d like to stay in the Pop Art bubble, or relax in the Zen bubble. You’re sure to enjoy yourself in this funky and modern motel in the middle of the French countryside.

Room at Sala Silvermine, another one of the strangest hotels in EuropeThe deepest underground hotel room in the world

10. Sala Silvermine Underground in Sweden

Sala Silvermine Underground is a one-room hotel located 155 meters (about 465 feet) underground. You’ll stay inside the mine, where you can explore the vast caverns and underground lakes. The mine is cold and damp, by no means a cozy stay, but there’s no denying the strange beauty of the preserved silver mine.

Europe is home to some of the strangest hotels on the planet; perfect for you travelers you like to jazz up your journey with a funky and new hotel experience. If you’ve ever stayed in a really weird hotel, we’d love to know.

Where was the strangest hotel you ever stayed? Have you stayed in any of our strangest hotels in Europe?

Photos courtesy of Reza Ahmedskulmalukkococoate.com