Even when compared to all the incredible countries in the world, Spain still has something very special to offer and should be on everyone’s to-visit list. But just in case you aren’t convinced, here are ten reasons to visit Spain that are sure to change your mind.

Spanish flag, lots of reasons to visit SpainThe Spanish flag represents so many reasons to visit Spain 

1. Festivals and Fiestas

One of the most fun reasons to visit Spain is to enjoy their many festivals. You may prefer a somber religious procession during Holy Week, or you may want to let off some steam by throwing any variety of food and wine at your fellow celebrators. Whatever the case may be, Spanish festivals are unforgettable and stunning.

2. That “it” factor

Spanish people often don’t consider themselves to be European, as Spain is both geographically and culturally isolated from the rest of the continent. Indeed, as the history of Spain shows, the country was often cut off from the rest of the world, and so a distinct and original culture developed in the country as a whole as well as in its different regions. So even if you’re a seasoned Europe-traveler, Spain won’t look anything like the cities you’ve visited before.

3. Food, food food

Spanish food is famous the world around, and every region has its own specialties. Paella, jamón, and croquettas pair well with sangria and Spanish wine, and the list certainly doesn’t end there. The tapas culture of Spain still lives on, especially in the south of Spain, and in the north, cities like San Sebastian offer pinchos that combine the freshest and most delicious ingredients around. Open your eyes, your minds and your stomachs to the delectable of reasons to visit Spain.

4. Nothing is quite the same

This point is often harped on, but I really cannot stress it enough: this is one of the most important reasons to visit Spain. Every province of Spain is drastically different from every other, and each one has its own incredible beauty. Whether you go to explore Galicia, Basque country, Catalonia or Andalusia, you’ll always find something that surprises you about the difference in culture. If you can, explore several regions in Spain and see what differences you notice.

Galician waterfall, emblematic of the many reasons to visit SpainIs this what you picture when you think of Spain?

5. You’ll never meet a friendlier people

There are plenty of reasons to visit Spain as a tourist, but this one reaches out to those of you who are trying to practice your language. The people of Spain are very friendly and never hesitate to answer questions or give directions; sometimes they may even take it upon themselves to walk you all the way to your destination themselves! If you’re in a café or a bar, whoever sits next to you will undoubtedly chat with you with all the patience in the world. Spain is a great place to practice your conversation and a great place to get lost in, because you’ll never be without a conversation partner or a kind soul to point you the right way.

6. Flamenco Dancing

When you think of Spain, the image that probably comes to mind is a flamenco dancer standing tall and proud, fan in her hand. Though this tradition has been highly publicized in popular culture, you absolutely must experience the art and passion that is Flamenco. If you love music and dancing and contagious energy, this is one of the great reasons to visit Spain.

Spanish flamenco dancerYou can catch a Flamenco show in lots of Spanish cities

7. Monuments galore

In Madrid stands the Palacio Real. In Barcelona, you must see the Sagrada Familia. Granada boasts the Alhambra, and the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela stands proud in its Galician town. Historical monuments and tourist attractions in Spain are in no short supply, another of the great reasons to visit Spain.

8. Bullfighting

Yet another widely known fact about Spain is its tradition of bullfighting, even more so now that it has recently come under fire in politics and the press. Beautiful and terrible, there’s nothing quite like bullfighting anywhere else in the world. History, society, culture and literature all combine in the bullfighting ring, a sight you must see for yourself.

9. Something for everyone

Whether you’re travelling alone, with friends, with your significant other, with your family or with your school, you’ll never be bored as you explore Spain, and neither will your travelling companions. Spain is the whole package, for every interest and for every age group, and there’s no shortage of interesting and cool and different things to do, making any interest you have one of our reasons to visit Spain.

10. Ease of travel

When people decide to take a trip to the Iberian Peninsula, they always say they’re going to “Spain” rather than one particular city. This is because of the incredible Spanish infrastructure that allows visitors and residents to travel between any and all cities easily, cheaply and through a variety of different modes. Trains, planes, busses and cars are all readily available and easy to navigate, so your visit to Spain can have as many stops as you like.

Spanish renfe train
You can buy your Renfe train ticket online or in the station

Spain is a country that’s hard to categorize and hard to explain, an entity better experienced than explained. Ten reasons to visit Spain aren’t enough, but we hope it’s enough of a start to convince you to take some time to discover this most fascinating of countries.

Did we miss any great reasons to visit Spain? What’s your favorite part of travelling around the country?


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