Flying can be a headache that all travelers know too well! Here is a list of the 10 best airlines in the world, according to international studies. Have you flown any of these companies yet? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

1. Emirates

The largest carrier in the Middle East, Emirates is known for its excellent in-flight entertainment selection super huge aircrafts.

2. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways was only founded in 1994, but they’ve been making headlines as one of the best airlines in the world ever since. They are supported by the new money in the Gulf, and are doing so well that last year they became FC Barcelona’s shirt sponsor.

Qatar one of the best airlines in the worldQatar Plane taking off!

3. Air Canada

One of the few airlines in North America to make the news for its consistency, Air Canada is a solid airline in which people feel confident. While there is nothing fancy included, Air Canada provides a comfortable flight for all on board.

4. Virgin Australia

Another no frills line, this is still one of the best airlines in the world because of its consistency and comfort. They make it easy to travel around down under.

5. Turkish Airways

One of the few European airlines to make the list, Turkish Airways has been undergoing some major improvements. With the likes of Kobe Bryant in their campaign ads and the best food in economy, they are sure to keep on improving as one of the best airlines in the world.

Turkish plane one of the best airlines in the worldTurkish Airways plane

6. Swiss International Air Lines

Swiss International is a dependable and solid airline, just like the country from which it comes.They always offer beverages and snacks for their customer’s enjoyment.

7. Asiana Airlines

Formerly known as Singapore Airlines, Asiana has a lot going for them. They are known for their comfy economy seating and in-flight magic shows. Unfortunately flights are expensive, but it’s a flight and a show all in one.

8. Lufthansa

The German carrier and the largest airline in Europe, Lufthansa provides quality service in every cabin. They make international travel to, from, and within Europe a joy and a pleasure.

9. Thai Airways

On Thai Airways not only do they have one of the friendliest staffs around, but they are one of the only airline to require their female flight attendents to change into traditional Thai dresses before the passengers board.

thai airways which is one of the world's best airlinesTraditional Thai dress

10. Malaysian Airways

These guys are known for their amazing cabin staff, on-time flights, and their signature dish- “satay service.” It’s not everyday you get to enjoy fire roasted chicken in-flight, but because of it, they are one of the best airlines in the world.


Photo Credits:  Luke,Ma,   PhillipC,  britsinvade